BASIC information to begin eating right… Ok, ready? ok, so, I have tried a ton of diets, eating plans, and cleanses. Bottom line, it can be simple to get your health back on track by eating right so all you have to do is START.

One can always fine tune with a detailed nutrition plan later. I am not a nutritionist so that can be found elsewhere but, I have been in the field of fitness since 97.  I have heard it all and seen it all. Eventually, you realize you are reading the same information, redesigned in a unique way, to grab your attention, and your money.

SO that said, let’s just get back to the real basics.

B– is for BREAD or Butter. no no no Bread or Butter. If you are serious and want to lose the extra pounds, then just let it go.

A– is for Apple Cider Vinegar which is something I ingest daily. I was told by a few sources that it would assist in helping me to lose weight thus, I did my research.

S– is for Sugar, NO WHITE SUGARS (cakes, candy, sodas etc.)

I– is for Interesting. If you make your meals ” Interesting” both through visual presentation and taste, then you will enjoy the process of losing the weight, by eating right, so much more.

C– is for Crunch. In my experience, I have to have something to bite and chomp down on. So I suggest Apples & Almonds. Buy the prepackaged almond packs (if you can if not then pre-package the almonds so that you have about 100 calories worth with your apple. I like a tablespoon of natural peanut butter too, with my apple. I suggest this small meal about 2-3 pm when our energy levels are typically low.)

So start with this Mama Fridays “BASIC” idea and I will come back to give you my idea of what the better food choices are. If we just try changing our eating habits one step at a time, then we will more than likely stick to this journey, and make real life changes.

You have to eat to lose weight. Small portions, of good choices, every three to four hours, is a great way to speed up, and stabilize one’s metabolism. It may seem like a lot at first, however, soon your body will adjust. You need to make healthy food choices. I recommend keeping the carbs in the earlier part of the day. You should be consuming about five small meals a day.

I hate the word ” snacks” for the in between meals because in my mind it triggers foods like ” Debbie Snack Cakes ” but no, it is not the kind of snacks we are after. So let’s change your thinking here too so that we can change your results!  (Always do your own research, my friends)

I’m here to help you! Now go…go get your” ” started and don’t forget to come back for more tidbits for your healthier new you.

Written With Love,

Mama Friday ❤

MealFood Idea: Broccoli, Chicken, Avacado, and a dash of Himalayan Salt. ( Photo Credit: TC)

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