Mother’s Day (ideas)

Mother’s Day 

Don’t forget to…

M– Make your mom feel really special. As a mom, I understand that sometimes the smallest things, say everything. No money? No problem. I know if my son wrote a three-word note, followed by drawing a flower on the note that, would mean the world to me. Mom’s (well most) do not care about things. We care about our children’s thoughts of us.

O– Offer to do something special for your mom even if it is simply to take out the trash without your mom begging first. You have no idea how that makes a mother’s heart smile.

T– Talk to your mom today in person or by phone. No text or social media. Give her the gift of your voice. Trust me on this.

H– hold her heart in your hands today and by that I mean just make your mom smile. For once, you be responsible for her.

E– Eat a meal with your mom if you can. Make your mom a home cooked meal because I promise you,no matter how bad it turns out; it will be the best meal of her life. You can do no wrong as you long as you just try. I remember making my mother coffee and walking up the steps in hopes that I would not spill it. I always felt so proud to see her take that first sip.I remember making my mother coffee and walking up the steps in hopes that I would not spill it. I always felt so proud to see her take that first sip. These days, Starbucks may trump that idea (smile)

R– REMEMBER it is Mother’s Day today. That is probably the mot important.

S– Send her a surprise like flowers or chocolate. If you can’t afford to do that, then go pick some flowers, go to the 99 cent store ,and spend 99 cents for a chocolate bar. Run to her home and

D– ” ding dong ditch” aka ring her doorbell, leave the goodies on the door floor and run like heck before she answers. Hide behind a tree and watch your mom cry (because she will) or at the very least, she will smile ear to ear. I promise.

A– Appreciate your mom today. I’m sure you do daily, however, in our everyday lives we forget to show it. So show her.

Y– Y-not (Yes, I know I cheated there and made up a word to fit my idea lol ) Y-not try any of the above ideas because coming from a woman who lost her mom a long time ago, this is the day that hurts the most, when we no longer have them with us . Make sure you do the little things today, to make her smile now.

Mom’s, you already understand how your own children can make your hearts warm just by hearing them say ” I love you ” All we truly want as a mother, is our children’s love.Many blessings to all Mom’s out there and Dad’s too that, are doing the Mom’s job . We see you.

Happy Mother’s Day 

Written With Love,

Mama Friday

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3 thoughts on “Mother’s Day (ideas)

  1. What a heart felt message. Your mother is beautiful. You resemble her in so many ways. She would be so proud of you. Love, hugs snd kisses.


    1. Haha wow! I didn’t know you were here in the blogs. Thank you for this and thank you for filling in for her absence, so many times. My hopes were to help others understand how simple it truly can be to make a mom feel loved. Love you😘


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