Abs after Obesity


Abdominals, they say, are made in the kitchen and not in the gym. Nonsense in my opinion because if you do not work these muscles then you will not see them. So eating right aka ” in the kitchen” will benefit you to unveil those hard worked muscles, however, one must get your rear on the floor of your own space or into a gym and work. Period.

I am often asked what types of exercises do I do? My answer is ” As many as I can find” I am constantly looking for ways to challenge my abs because to me, what is most important and impressive, is how strong I can make them rather than their appearance. I do not take anything illegal that will help me” cut up “so the diet is the most important part for me for the visual impact. Trust me, I suck at dieting, however, I can feel the benefit of strong abs with regards to my everyday life. I have back issues that have subsided due to having a strong core. I will always have a 3mm bulging disc but I do not have to let it control me. A strong core is something that will help you with all your daily chores, bending, lifting, working, and especially if any of these are repetitive.

I can recall when I was pregnant at 237 lbs. (yes 237lbs), that I was very weak both physically and mentally. Once I delivered my son, I was still 200 pounds and knew that I had to figure out how to make myself strong again. I was a fitness model before I decided to become a mom, with a strong core, weighing 130 pounds (I will someday do a write up on my transformation and share photos then), and I was pretty much scared I may somehow die at that weight. Someone told me ” Start small ” I always want to jump right back into the routines that I had been doing before I decided to take a break or was made to take a break (usually injury). I know exactly what it feels to be obese and how much willpower it takes to even begin again. I salute anyone who tries and I condemn anyone who makes fun of those who are Obese. You are not cool in my eyes or anyone else’s eyes of value with a good heart. 

“Before anyone judges anyone, you had better make sure you are perfect” -unknown

Wow, I went off in a whole new direction with my blog on abs and obesity (Pushed my own anger buttons) but, my simple point today was to work one’s abs no matter how big or small one assumes they are. The weakest of us can start with just the “Kegels”. Ladies, we know what these are and gentlemen, well, you should do isolated squeezes wherever you are, even just in your car driving. Utilize your research skills to discover hundreds of ways to strengthen your core. Google, YouTube, Blog, Webpages, Instagram, Facebook etc.

I made a video for you all, to show you a few exercises that I like to do. (I do something different every day if I can) I am really working in my videos and I am certainly not trying to be cute. I bust my rear in the gym, and simply put: I have zero gym fashion sense. So don’t judge me. (smile, it is ok, you can laugh at me) So please check it out! If I just help one of you, well then, it was all worth it. BELIEVE me.


P.S. this is me now ( when I eat right that week and lay down on the floor. That is when the hard work shows the best with me, HA! ) Some day I will tell you about the life of a professional model and how I can manipulate the camera 😉 But I never edit to shape myself or make myself anything that I am not. I can just twist and turn and get the illusions I desire. Again, secrets to my trade coming soon… 

Thank you all for reading.

Written With Love,

Mama Friday  ❤


Mama Friday today
Model: Tara Caballero (aka TC aka Me) Photographer:  TC

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