Thrifty Bytch Tips

Let me keep this simple and factual. I am a 99 cent queen.  I will tell you why. Get your pen and paper. This Thrifty Bytch has some tips for you today! Let’s go!



Over the years this place has truly evolved and is no longer the place that the unwanted items go to or the expired. The 99 cent store has raised the bar when it comes to competitiveness with the other stores from which it neighbors with. I promise you if you go in one time you will be hooked. You can find NAME BRAND’s here for those of you that have got to have a recognizable name in their home.If I am on a tighter budget (aka broke AF) then I will buy the lesser of the brands with more quantity or if I am doing ok, I will go for the name brands, however, they will be smaller in quantity. You can go to the 99 twice a week, when their deliveries are in, and get the EXACT same thing you would pay out the ass for, in a grocery store.

Yea, ok, you are too good to be seen in that kind of store but in my eyes you are cheating yourself for paying five times as much for the exact same product in a place where you THINK your image belongs. Some of the wealthiest women I know go to the 99 (I turned them onto it;). I do understand that the image of 99 was once very broken. Get over it. Those days are gone. Or don’t and that will just leave more for me:) Here are some of the things I find at the 99 that keep my home stocked with the basics and necessities. And y’all know I am big on the basics. I rather spend my frivolous money at ummmm…Oh wait, never mind, I don’t have frivolous money, lol Moving on…

Laundry detergents, Cleaning supplies, pet supplies, food (fresh,frozen, and canned ) vitamins, supplements, drinks, snacks for the beach and beach supplies, party supplies, automobile supplies, school supplies, holiday fun stuff, medicine, housewares, and ICE!!!!  you name it they have it. As you can see by some of the pictures from my own home that I am  a loyal fan. If it is not a name brand and I have tried it ( Cause I will) and it  works just the same? Then I am buying it at the 99!

13639571_1188863147832151_2054186921_o (1)13646678_1188863127832153_1564370937_o13639958_1188863097832156_531358109_o13647041_1188863134498819_664038445_o (1)13639484_1188863151165484_343323728_o13621707_1188863161165483_1199551729_o13647123_1188862994498833_1196212852_o13662575_1188863124498820_2082142961_o

And in close I would suggest you try different stores in different locations because they will tailor their products to adjust to the environment from which they occupy. Example: The Encinitas store in a healthier community by the beach, therefore they tend to stock up on more natural products and smoothies. YES, the same fruit smoothies we all pay out the yin yang for at the natural food stores.

Hope this helps just a little tip for those of us that need the basics ( healthy ones too ) but, do not have a lot. Or if you do have a lot but just want to buy more for your buck;)

Written with Love

Mama Friday ❤

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