” 10 Quick Dating Women Over 40 Tips ( from this over 40 chick)

” What women over 40 (with half a brain or more) want from a man ” From this woman over 40.  ( Just saying )



#1- A Brain: Not ” brain ” but ” A brain “. And the fact that you can decipher between the two. Boring conversation or lack of any conversation is no longer acceptable regardless of how hunky one is.

#2 Attention: This is a no-brainer for all women, however, at this point in our lives we do not need the type of attention that derives from a man’s insecurities, such as unwarranted visits. Undivided attention will be your best bet because if you try to multitask a woman at my age, you will lose. We have seen it all, your games have been played, and conquered. (many years ago)

#3 Energy: Lazy or always smoking on something is NOT sexy and will not be appealing at this point. Young girls think it is cute or even participate, however, I am moving not stop therefore, the last thing I need is to see a guy living life aimlessly.

#4 Appearances: This will depend on your women’s taste, however, I can almost promise you that no matter what your style is, you will have to be clean, and presentable. Sagging pants with underwear out, should probably be retired. No style? Well, I personally am a visual type woman so, your appearance is going to weigh heavily on my thoughts. Any style can look ” clean” no matter what the type of style. Even a biker can look either  “greasy” or ” DAMN Fine”.

#5 Conversation: At this point in our over 40 lives, it is no longer cute for a guy to just look cute. Lack of conversation or vocabulary is an immediate turn-off. I mean, just simple English would be lovely or if you can’t speak English, at least try, however, the brainless beauties are a negative for me.

#6 No Drama: At this point in our over 40 lives, as females, we have pretty much weeded out the B.S. therefore, we have zero tolerance for any man’s drama. Simple. Period.

#7 Date ideas: If you want to ” kick it ” then you need to kick rocks because you are trying to date a woman who, by now, is hardly enthused with the idea of taking care of her responsibilities (bills, kids, work, etc.) just so that she can look forward to a new guy to ” kick it ” with …. Take a bytch out! Dang. If you are short on cash then, take her to the beach, steal a flower on the way from a neighbor’s yard, and try to be romantic.

#8 Effort: If you aren’t willing to put in effort on a woman who is deserving of it, well then, you might as well keep it moving because by now, at over 40, you are not much different than anyone else unless you show her why you are. A woman gets much pickier at the over 40 mark (well those of us that honor ourselves) and she wants to still believe that there is a well-dressed, respectful, and fun guy out there.

#9 NO Sexting Until: If a woman is serious about getting to know you and the first day you send her half nudes? We are going to know that your library has been seen before. And well, our time is ticking. I’ll speak for myself here, you don’t have anything that I haven’t seen before. So, hooking up with a cougar may be easy for you but, a real educated woman, who wants a life with a good partner, isn’t going to flinch at your ” member ” pics or talk about it. Obviously, sexting has its place, eventually. ;0)

#10 Car: Yes, this is obvious but, NO, it is not obvious because I still get hit on by guys that want to kick it, however, they need a ride to come see me. I’m good. As much as I enjoy the company of a handsome, younger, well-kept man, if he does not have his own car by now then, I can’t grow any older waiting for him to figure it out. Unfortunately, I can not buy you one either. ( if I had it, then I probably would lol )

As I grow and evolve, year after year, I find myself less and less interested in the men/guys that I once was. I still pretty much look and feel the same,however, my perception on life and my future man; have changed. I want substance, maturity yet, I still desire a youthful energetic spirit without the drama. I’m pretty sure most single women over 40, with a similar vision of their future, that value themselves, are looking for the exact same thing. I could be wrong BUT I doubt it.

Thank you for reading.

Written with Love,

Mama Friday ❤

3 thoughts on “” 10 Quick Dating Women Over 40 Tips ( from this over 40 chick)

  1. That was an interesting read. Lots of common sense. Men surprise me these days with their lack of basic skills.

    Good luck!


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