Gym Boredom? (10 Alternative Tips to Stay Fit plus Bonus!)

Sick of the gym? Yes, I feel your pain. Especially around this time of the year, who the heck wants to be stuck in a gym. So here are some quick tips on what one can do instead. Obviously, if you are training for a competition then this is not for you, BUT, if you are just trying to keep your hard work and make it fun? Then go ahead and add a few of these tips into your mix and mix up the monotony.


I’ve been in and out of the gym since the age of 15 and it does get redundant. I know! OK…Let’s Go!

#1 Sex: Yup, I said sex and we have all read the articles that sex burns calories. My point to though, is you do not have to have a partner in order to burn calories through sex. One can do this all by oneself, burn calories while participating in the effort of the act of self-sexing then, in turn, the Orgasms are excellent for the abs. (Work them pelvic floor muscles ladies! w/ Kegal Exercises )

#2: Just Move: Believe me there is something to be said for not sitting down. Keep yourself busy throughout your day and do it on purpose. Example: If you sit down in front of the television to text someone? Get up, pace, and text that someone. The point is to just keep moving. The calories burn as long as you move! (yes I know they burn sitting too but way less, so move your rears)

#3: Play with Your Kids: Sure there are a million things you need to do, however, the value of playing with your kids are of plenty. A. You burn more calories. B. You make your kids happy. C. You are teaching them excellent parenting skills for their future and how they should treat their own kids. (last night my son and I played in our pool. The saddest thing was watching a child play by himself while his parent sat just watching. So sad not to mention he could use some exercising himself)

#4 Pool: Just find water whether it is a community pool (parks or YMCA) ocean, lake, or anything equivalent outside or inside. Just get in the water because I promise you once you are in, you will feel amazing when you are done. Watch some YouTube’s on water workouts or even join a water workout near you. Swim, play, and just try new things in the water. As long as you aren’t planting your rear on a floating device? You will burn more calories, although, you can still be better off on a floating device if you don’t have snacks in the pool. At least you won’t be eating aimlessly:)

#5 House Clean: Turn on your favorite music and start cleaning your house! Laundry! Dance while you work! Find projects in your home that you want to get done and do them because you will burn calories and be too busy to eat. Simple. And it is the best feeling when you go to sleep and wake up to your amazing efforts from the day before. I promise you that feeling of “pride of your own home” is an excellent serotonin boost (natural happy chemicals one’s brain releases)

#6 Walks Outside: This is my favorite because the time goes by very quickly regardless if you are alone with music in your ears or with a friend. You can keep up the speed for more intense calorie burning. Wear sunscreen and absorb the joys of your surroundings. Another benefit to long walks is one will sleep so much better that night. (if you have any issues sleeping) It also helps me with my nagging back issue that often comes back to haunt me. Before too long you can make your walks longer and add variety to them. I know there are YouTube’s that speak to walking workouts too. I love to walk and talk with my friends, catch up, and all of a sudden it is two hours later.We have put in five miles without realizing it! We are all from different fitness levels too so just move your body! Walk. (try walking during your 30-minute lunch break, daily, and that will all add up too)


#7 Online Challenges: What I mean by this are the various challenges that are online that have one do specific amount of effort, for each day, for that specific challenge. Example: The squat challenge, ab challenge, or the push-up challenge. Google for specifics. I have done quite a few of them. I especially loved the pushup challenge I did with my son. #22pushups for #22days to support the 22 Vets that commit suicide daily because of PTSD. (our videos are on my Instagram @tara_caballero_official_ #tcsonoutreachgivingmission



#8 Furry Kids: Play with your dogs, cats, horses, pigs, snakes, turtles, rats, (yes rats, I had two when I was a kid lol), or basically whatever your choice of pets are. Take the canines for their walks, play ball with them, and just give them physical attention. (do push-ups and sites with them) You will smile, you will burn calories, and they will be full of joy because you show your pets love.

#9: Yard Work: If you have a yard then I am sure there’s something out there you would love to change, fix, enhance, or just clean up. I know these things are a pain to start, however, once you get started you know you can stop. Lol So get it out there and start something, keep moving, and feel great about yourself when you see what amazing work you did when you come home the next day.

#10 Car Workout: Yes, car, why not tense all your muscles specifically focusing on individual muscles, as you drive. You can flex your abs, hold them for ten seconds, and release. Same with your glutes, while you drive. This effort does burn calories more than just sitting there while you travel AND it can help you to keep the muscles toned that you have tried so hard to attain.


#11: At the Office: When I worked in an office, while at my cubicle, I removed my chair, and did my work standing. I also did squats at my desk because at one point I realized my rear was beginning to shape to the size of my chair. Oh hell no! So I removed my chair and put it in the corner, and just kept moving. Sure I may have looked like a fool but after a certain age, you are no longer concerned with what others think. do what is bets for YOU. As they say ” if there is a will, there is a way ”

I hope this helps at least one of y’all out there.

Written with Love,

Mama Friday ❤

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