A Father Should Be…

AirBrush_20180315182649I know not everyone has an excellent father for their Son.

I know not everyones baby daddy pays half of everything their child does or more.( And on time)

I know not everyone gets to have a friendly co parenting situation

I know a lot of kids have to grow up hearing a lot of shit from one parent about another.

I know some of us have moms who had to do it all ( thank you Mommy for showing me how to survive and love )

I do NOT have to do it alllll cause Kaenin’s father is front and center to give his son everything he needs, to assist in providing an amazing future for our boy, not only financially but mentally as well. ( the most important part)

I could not have chosen a better man for the role as Kaenin’s father.

I know how truly blessed I am.

I know.

Thank you Courtland Miller , beause of you, Kaenin will know how to be there for his children, as a good father should, regardless of any situation…. YOU HAVE DONE GREAT C!!

Proud of you 👅And so Happy for our Son!

As always,

Written with love

Mama Friday ❤


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