Toxic People Gots to Go !

One can only help toxic people so much or for so long.

We are all responsible for our own emotions.

Toxic individuals, content with their own toxic behaviors,  will never change.

We all deserve quality of life. Some just don’t want it. I sure as hell do and I shall have it regardless …only took me 46 years to learn it 😅

One thing I have learned, is people will do for THEM, until they need you, and those of us who are super giving and have empathy; are the targets. Just say NO.

And then one grow’s up mentally, makes bigger and better decisions for other humans to be in or out of one’s life, based on what one brings to the others life mentally or emotionally.

Drama is not tolerated. Positive vibes only.

I wash my hands of anything or anyone negative, as I approach my 50 😅😅 ,

There are too many amazing people in this world to follow for growth and inspiration.

We all have the same 24 hours in a day. Some are just clueless how precious life truly is and take for granted the people around them.

Our lives is of our own making.

Don’t like it? Fix it, Change it, and evolve.

Love it? Then that is super amazing! Feels good doesn’t it?!

Choosing to let no one run your life but you?Now that is true freedom!! Be your own Boss.

Be free and happy to be who we choose to be and AROUND who we choose to be!

Our Life.

Our choices.

Anyone who judges us for it? So 🤷🏻

Those people have their own problems. And last I looked, judgmental humans are usually the most miserable,and toxic.


We still move on, smile, and enjoy who we are and those who truly love us😊

As always

Written with Love,

Mama Friday ❤


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