A Grandmother’s Love

A Grandmothers Love is never defined by blood.

It is action.

I dedicate this next piece to Dorothy M.Nienow (aka Gma Nienow ❤)

PhotoGrid_1523386191508Dorothy Nienow has been my stand in Mother since 1999 ( my mom passed when I was 25) and Dorothy is the only other Grandmother my Son truly knows, hands on. Gma Nienow is one of two, most amazing women I know. ( Mama Mary is the other one)

Today is about Gma Nienow cause I just saw your debut on TV! Wow! You look so  beautiful!

I just want to say that your are the epitome of what a grandmother should be. You are kind, full of joy, extremely thoughtful, supportive, caring, nonjudgmental, kind to everyone, giving, and always consistent with Kaenin.

Because of you, Kaenin understands blood isn’t always the perfect example of family, however, Constance is.

Constantly patient. Constantly encouraging. Constantly supporting. Constantingly loving. Constant dedication. Constant understanding. Constant smile. (I have never heard this woman raise her voice in 19 years!) Constant communication with exceptance of nothing in return.

Kaenin loves you because of you. Kaenin had a choice.  Kaenin always chose you. Example: if I ask him, so ,you want some amazing things for your Christmas, your Birthday, OR do you want me to fly Gma Nienow in?

Kaenin always chose you!!

GMA Nienow has been with K since day 1. Unable to travel as much now, as she used to be with us ( Gma is from Oregon ) we talk, facetime, and FB.

Gma is still busy with a full time job as a social worker, producing TV shows with her son David, assisting so many loved ones around her (as a nurse), and answering all my calls to listen to my nonsense 😅

A true Angel.

Gma flew from Oregon often and at some point, I had Mon here almost every month 😂 Thank you for Sharing David!

When Gma Nienow arrived, I became obsolete Haha!

It was all about Kaenin. I loved that! And I love you for that.

I just want you to know, Mom, that you are the best thing that ever happened to and for my Son. Thank you for Showing my Son what amazing uncondional love truly feels likes; and LOOKS like.

We miss you. We are so proud you. And I am beyond grateful that God blessed my Son with such an amazing example of what an amazing human can be like, such as his Gma Nienow.I bet Gma Juanita, in heaven, is very grateful too.

We Love You!

As always Written with Love,

Mama Friday ❤


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