Momma & Son Losing that Holiday Fat!

TC & Son’s ” Spring Back Into Shape ” Mission


Little by Little, Son and I are making little changes to our diet, each week, and seeing excellent results already.

As we adjust to our new eating habits I thought I’d might share with all just in case someone else is in a challenge with their weight right now.

This weeks changes are:

Fresh squeezed grapefruits instead of oranges this week. Less sugar sure, but, moreover, fat burning magic in those grapefruits!


We starting eating apples daily again.

The lemons are for cleansing. ( check my blog for more info on that one:)

Less carbs ( cut out most Pasta and most cheese for now)

So far our energy is much higher, K’s skin is clearing up:) and that little midsection we developed, is already flattening out. ( we do an ab app together often )

Son’s swimming or running along with the normal basketball activity.

Momma’s grilling meats and we cut out most fried food.

Muscle has memory so all those years we’ve put in the work together with pushups, situps, and weight work, is now already benefiting Kaenin at age 16. K’s discipline and will power, is why these changes show so swiftly for him.

I have the same exact results. Even at 46.

No matter what your age, if you sit most of the time, eat unhealthy, feed your emotions with junk,

THEN you get fat.

If you move your body more often and clean up your nutrition

THEN you will see that fat dissapear 🙂

Not Rocket Science. It is as simple as conscious, perseverant, consistent, and disciplined real EFFORT.


P.S. Apple juice is for my greens and yes, Organic is better. I’m on a budget so I’ll live this week 🤷🏻

As Always Written With Love,

Mama Friday ❤

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