Children First!

Picking up where someone leaves off, until they can pick up again, doesn’t stop at divorce or a break up.

Not if you wish to set a good example to your child or children, on how to be a decent human being and family man/woman.

Co-parenting is about creating a successful environment for our kids so that they can be successful in life and their relationships.

We as parents are responsible for their well-being

BOTH MENTALLY AND physically…..


The key part is to focus on your kids and forget your own desires, wants, and needs for a while.

Thank you Courtland Miller for the unwaivering support and most important; the communication. We have each others back regardless! Our Son is first. Always.

Screw ego. Screw pride. Screw anyone else who tries to screw that up 🤷🏻

A million women and men in this world so they can wait, if they don’t understand. We have ONE chance and only 18 years to SHOW our child/children, how to be a decent human being and good family man/woman.

But what do I know, I am only speaking out of 16 years of current experience , before that;18 years of dysfunctional co-parenting from my parents, and as of recently, five years education on human behavior 🤷🏻 ( Bachelor’s of Science in Psychology )

( wrote this today for my blog as a reflection of my child hood ,where things went wrong, and how awesome today was for yet another amazing co-parenting colaboration with my Son’s father and I.

As always,

Written with love,

Mama Friday ❤

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