Gym Boredom? (10 Alternative Tips to Stay Fit plus Bonus!)

Sick of the gym? Yes, I feel your pain. Especially around this time of the year, who the heck wants to be stuck in a gym. So here are some quick tips on what one can do instead. Obviously, if you are training for a competition then this is not for you, BUT, if you are just trying to keep your hard work and make it fun? Then go ahead and add a few of these tips into your mix and mix up the monotony.


I’ve been in and out of the gym since the age of 15 and it does get redundant. I know! OK…Let’s Go!

#1 Sex: Yup, I said sex and we have all read the articles that sex burns calories. My point to though, is you do not have to have a partner in order to burn calories through sex. One can do this all by oneself, burn calories while participating in the effort of the act of self-sexing then, in turn, the Orgasms are excellent for the abs. (Work them pelvic floor muscles ladies! w/ Kegal Exercises )

#2: Just Move: Believe me there is something to be said for not sitting down. Keep yourself busy throughout your day and do it on purpose. Example: If you sit down in front of the television to text someone? Get up, pace, and text that someone. The point is to just keep moving. The calories burn as long as you move! (yes I know they burn sitting too but way less, so move your rears)

#3: Play with Your Kids: Sure there are a million things you need to do, however, the value of playing with your kids are of plenty. A. You burn more calories. B. You make your kids happy. C. You are teaching them excellent parenting skills for their future and how they should treat their own kids. (last night my son and I played in our pool. The saddest thing was watching a child play by himself while his parent sat just watching. So sad not to mention he could use some exercising himself)

#4 Pool: Just find water whether it is a community pool (parks or YMCA) ocean, lake, or anything equivalent outside or inside. Just get in the water because I promise you once you are in, you will feel amazing when you are done. Watch some YouTube’s on water workouts or even join a water workout near you. Swim, play, and just try new things in the water. As long as you aren’t planting your rear on a floating device? You will burn more calories, although, you can still be better off on a floating device if you don’t have snacks in the pool. At least you won’t be eating aimlessly:)

#5 House Clean: Turn on your favorite music and start cleaning your house! Laundry! Dance while you work! Find projects in your home that you want to get done and do them because you will burn calories and be too busy to eat. Simple. And it is the best feeling when you go to sleep and wake up to your amazing efforts from the day before. I promise you that feeling of “pride of your own home” is an excellent serotonin boost (natural happy chemicals one’s brain releases)

#6 Walks Outside: This is my favorite because the time goes by very quickly regardless if you are alone with music in your ears or with a friend. You can keep up the speed for more intense calorie burning. Wear sunscreen and absorb the joys of your surroundings. Another benefit to long walks is one will sleep so much better that night. (if you have any issues sleeping) It also helps me with my nagging back issue that often comes back to haunt me. Before too long you can make your walks longer and add variety to them. I know there are YouTube’s that speak to walking workouts too. I love to walk and talk with my friends, catch up, and all of a sudden it is two hours later.We have put in five miles without realizing it! We are all from different fitness levels too so just move your body! Walk. (try walking during your 30-minute lunch break, daily, and that will all add up too)


#7 Online Challenges: What I mean by this are the various challenges that are online that have one do specific amount of effort, for each day, for that specific challenge. Example: The squat challenge, ab challenge, or the push-up challenge. Google for specifics. I have done quite a few of them. I especially loved the pushup challenge I did with my son. #22pushups for #22days to support the 22 Vets that commit suicide daily because of PTSD. (our videos are on my Instagram @tara_caballero_official_ #tcsonoutreachgivingmission



#8 Furry Kids: Play with your dogs, cats, horses, pigs, snakes, turtles, rats, (yes rats, I had two when I was a kid lol), or basically whatever your choice of pets are. Take the canines for their walks, play ball with them, and just give them physical attention. (do push-ups and sites with them) You will smile, you will burn calories, and they will be full of joy because you show your pets love.

#9: Yard Work: If you have a yard then I am sure there’s something out there you would love to change, fix, enhance, or just clean up. I know these things are a pain to start, however, once you get started you know you can stop. Lol So get it out there and start something, keep moving, and feel great about yourself when you see what amazing work you did when you come home the next day.

#10 Car Workout: Yes, car, why not tense all your muscles specifically focusing on individual muscles, as you drive. You can flex your abs, hold them for ten seconds, and release. Same with your glutes, while you drive. This effort does burn calories more than just sitting there while you travel AND it can help you to keep the muscles toned that you have tried so hard to attain.


#11: At the Office: When I worked in an office, while at my cubicle, I removed my chair, and did my work standing. I also did squats at my desk because at one point I realized my rear was beginning to shape to the size of my chair. Oh hell no! So I removed my chair and put it in the corner, and just kept moving. Sure I may have looked like a fool but after a certain age, you are no longer concerned with what others think. do what is bets for YOU. As they say ” if there is a will, there is a way ”

I hope this helps at least one of y’all out there.

Written with Love,

Mama Friday ❤

” 10 Quick Dating Women Over 40 Tips ( from this over 40 chick)

” What women over 40 (with half a brain or more) want from a man ” From this woman over 40.  ( Just saying )



#1- A Brain: Not ” brain ” but ” A brain “. And the fact that you can decipher between the two. Boring conversation or lack of any conversation is no longer acceptable regardless of how hunky one is.

#2 Attention: This is a no-brainer for all women, however, at this point in our lives we do not need the type of attention that derives from a man’s insecurities, such as unwarranted visits. Undivided attention will be your best bet because if you try to multitask a woman at my age, you will lose. We have seen it all, your games have been played, and conquered. (many years ago)

#3 Energy: Lazy or always smoking on something is NOT sexy and will not be appealing at this point. Young girls think it is cute or even participate, however, I am moving not stop therefore, the last thing I need is to see a guy living life aimlessly.

#4 Appearances: This will depend on your women’s taste, however, I can almost promise you that no matter what your style is, you will have to be clean, and presentable. Sagging pants with underwear out, should probably be retired. No style? Well, I personally am a visual type woman so, your appearance is going to weigh heavily on my thoughts. Any style can look ” clean” no matter what the type of style. Even a biker can look either  “greasy” or ” DAMN Fine”.

#5 Conversation: At this point in our over 40 lives, it is no longer cute for a guy to just look cute. Lack of conversation or vocabulary is an immediate turn-off. I mean, just simple English would be lovely or if you can’t speak English, at least try, however, the brainless beauties are a negative for me.

#6 No Drama: At this point in our over 40 lives, as females, we have pretty much weeded out the B.S. therefore, we have zero tolerance for any man’s drama. Simple. Period.

#7 Date ideas: If you want to ” kick it ” then you need to kick rocks because you are trying to date a woman who, by now, is hardly enthused with the idea of taking care of her responsibilities (bills, kids, work, etc.) just so that she can look forward to a new guy to ” kick it ” with …. Take a bytch out! Dang. If you are short on cash then, take her to the beach, steal a flower on the way from a neighbor’s yard, and try to be romantic.

#8 Effort: If you aren’t willing to put in effort on a woman who is deserving of it, well then, you might as well keep it moving because by now, at over 40, you are not much different than anyone else unless you show her why you are. A woman gets much pickier at the over 40 mark (well those of us that honor ourselves) and she wants to still believe that there is a well-dressed, respectful, and fun guy out there.

#9 NO Sexting Until: If a woman is serious about getting to know you and the first day you send her half nudes? We are going to know that your library has been seen before. And well, our time is ticking. I’ll speak for myself here, you don’t have anything that I haven’t seen before. So, hooking up with a cougar may be easy for you but, a real educated woman, who wants a life with a good partner, isn’t going to flinch at your ” member ” pics or talk about it. Obviously, sexting has its place, eventually. ;0)

#10 Car: Yes, this is obvious but, NO, it is not obvious because I still get hit on by guys that want to kick it, however, they need a ride to come see me. I’m good. As much as I enjoy the company of a handsome, younger, well-kept man, if he does not have his own car by now then, I can’t grow any older waiting for him to figure it out. Unfortunately, I can not buy you one either. ( if I had it, then I probably would lol )

As I grow and evolve, year after year, I find myself less and less interested in the men/guys that I once was. I still pretty much look and feel the same,however, my perception on life and my future man; have changed. I want substance, maturity yet, I still desire a youthful energetic spirit without the drama. I’m pretty sure most single women over 40, with a similar vision of their future, that value themselves, are looking for the exact same thing. I could be wrong BUT I doubt it.

Thank you for reading.

Written with Love,

Mama Friday ❤

Thrifty Bytch Tips

Let me keep this simple and factual. I am a 99 cent queen.  I will tell you why. Get your pen and paper. This Thrifty Bytch has some tips for you today! Let’s go!



Over the years this place has truly evolved and is no longer the place that the unwanted items go to or the expired. The 99 cent store has raised the bar when it comes to competitiveness with the other stores from which it neighbors with. I promise you if you go in one time you will be hooked. You can find NAME BRAND’s here for those of you that have got to have a recognizable name in their home.If I am on a tighter budget (aka broke AF) then I will buy the lesser of the brands with more quantity or if I am doing ok, I will go for the name brands, however, they will be smaller in quantity. You can go to the 99 twice a week, when their deliveries are in, and get the EXACT same thing you would pay out the ass for, in a grocery store.

Yea, ok, you are too good to be seen in that kind of store but in my eyes you are cheating yourself for paying five times as much for the exact same product in a place where you THINK your image belongs. Some of the wealthiest women I know go to the 99 (I turned them onto it;). I do understand that the image of 99 was once very broken. Get over it. Those days are gone. Or don’t and that will just leave more for me:) Here are some of the things I find at the 99 that keep my home stocked with the basics and necessities. And y’all know I am big on the basics. I rather spend my frivolous money at ummmm…Oh wait, never mind, I don’t have frivolous money, lol Moving on…

Laundry detergents, Cleaning supplies, pet supplies, food (fresh,frozen, and canned ) vitamins, supplements, drinks, snacks for the beach and beach supplies, party supplies, automobile supplies, school supplies, holiday fun stuff, medicine, housewares, and ICE!!!!  you name it they have it. As you can see by some of the pictures from my own home that I am  a loyal fan. If it is not a name brand and I have tried it ( Cause I will) and it  works just the same? Then I am buying it at the 99!

13639571_1188863147832151_2054186921_o (1)13646678_1188863127832153_1564370937_o13639958_1188863097832156_531358109_o13647041_1188863134498819_664038445_o (1)13639484_1188863151165484_343323728_o13621707_1188863161165483_1199551729_o13647123_1188862994498833_1196212852_o13662575_1188863124498820_2082142961_o

And in close I would suggest you try different stores in different locations because they will tailor their products to adjust to the environment from which they occupy. Example: The Encinitas store in a healthier community by the beach, therefore they tend to stock up on more natural products and smoothies. YES, the same fruit smoothies we all pay out the yin yang for at the natural food stores.

Hope this helps just a little tip for those of us that need the basics ( healthy ones too ) but, do not have a lot. Or if you do have a lot but just want to buy more for your buck;)

Written with Love

Mama Friday ❤

10 Quick Health Tips (from this over 40 chick)

“10 Quick Health Tips (From This Over 40 Chick)”

unnamed (1)

  1. Softer skin– Add baby oil to your skin, directly after your shower, before toweling off, and then moisturize. Oil penetrates the skin while most moisturizers, only coat the skin.
  2. Healthier Glowing Skin -Add good fats to your eating-plan, such as plenty of avocados, almonds, omega, and fish oils. Also, add your daily fresh squeezed lemon juice to your filtered water. Last, what I do also, is use sweet potatoes in my diet. Sweet potatoes are fantastic with enhancing the quality of one’s skin when used both internally and externally.If you don’t believe me then check out I experienced these results first hand and still do.
  3. Anti-inflammatory– 2 natural alternatives, for anti-inflammatory effects, that I use are fish oils and asparagus. Yes fish oils. If you need information to back this claim up then feel free to check out this link
  4. Relax & Sleep– I use a supplement that helps me sleep deal and stay asleep. Obviously, consult your physician first but this works for me. My mind never shuts up and my workouts tend to keep my engines revved late into the night. I get this product at the Dollar Store.
  5. Constipation– There is a tea I like and it can be found at the 99cent store. It is called Dieters’ Drink (green box) contains 100% natural tea leaf ” Senna Leaf” I promise you it will make you lighter on your feet. I drink before bedtime and wake up your relief. Maybe TMI but I am giving you the facts with me (consult with your physician)ff326886-d3db-4948-ade0-c81c95abca5c (1)
  6. No Alcohol, No Problem– Most of the time, I am ok with that, however, sometimes I sure could use a drink to ease my stress or bad mood. For this, I use Kava Kava. (Consult with your doctor first) Check out this link for the details of substituting Kava Kava for alcohol.
  7. Weight Loss– Drink at least a gallon of water a day. Follow a nutritional eating plan. Eat every 3-4 hours (small meals). Cut out the sweets (but do have your treats here and there). Start MOVING. Every little bit of activity that you do will enhance your life, will put your body on guess mode to get it to start losing that excess weight, and will help you to lose unwanted fat and inches over time. Consult your physician for a specific diet correct for you. If you eat pretty healthy and naturally, you will lose weight. It is a no brainer and just common sense. As an emotional eater myself, I know how hard it is, however, the best advice is to just keep moving. Keep trying. Don’t give up. Don’t let one day or one bad meal mess up your entire day, or your previous efforts. Although I am challenged constantly, still, my first thought when I wake up is ” Today is a whole new day and a day to get it right “
  8. Mood Enhancers – for me I know if I go into the Sun and hang out for even ten minutes, it can change my whole day. If I am having a really bad day, I go outside, look up, and feel grateful. I tend to purposely make others feel good about themselves and when they smile, I smile. I teach out and tell others I love them, just because. I take long baths Epsom salt baths with relaxing music and candles. Use my 99cent facial mask and deep condition my hair. If you are a man, then go ahead and do some of this too, who will know? 😉 Walk outside like this (me doing my usual walk in Encinitas) >>  and talk to someone who will listen.I know that is hard to find cause most people prefer to talk about themselves however I am sure there is one friend out there that will listen, for free. (therapist is also a great option obviously) watch a funny movie or videos. Indulge in the presenceOf animals. Dance and listen to music. So good for everyone’s soul no matter what your genre preferences are. And well go ahead and have that dark chocolate. (just a little will go a long way)
  9. Body Image– this one is simple. WORKOUT. Even after one day in the gym, outside, or in your own home of working out, you will feel so much better about yourself. One release’s serotonin, endorphins, and adrenaline that is your own systems natural mood boosters. Start with a 10-minute walk a day and increase the time as the days go by. Fill your ears with inspiration and motivation. This can be music that pumps you up or tune into your favorite mentors. Mentors- I suggest having in your life professional and nonprofessional mentors. Find someone that appeals to YOU. When you hear their voice it makes you crave more. For me, professionally, this was Jim Rohn. I also adore Darren Hardy. I have personal mentors from my social group as well that I won’t name but I promise you, if you surround yourself with people who can inspire you, you will evolve mentally and physically. Workout with people who motivate and inspire you.(Trainer friend, Matt Franz, helping me on Friday)unnamedIn
  10. Education– Last(should be first), it is never too late to educate, go to college, or learn something new every day. Books that I love and have read are, Richest Man in BabylonThink and Grow Rich, Control Freak , The Secret, 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, The Power, and my favorite motivational writing is The Compound Effect by Darren Hardy. ( basic idea to life is ” everything adds up no matter how small the effort when repeated daily) All of what Jim Rohn has released via CD’s, for audio learning, I have absorbed into my brain. For two years straight, I turned my car into my mobile classroom.

    I hope these tips help you all as much as they help me. 

    Thank you for reading. Written With Love, Mama Friday ❤

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Abs after Obesity


Abdominals, they say, are made in the kitchen and not in the gym. Nonsense in my opinion because if you do not work these muscles then you will not see them. So eating right aka ” in the kitchen” will benefit you to unveil those hard worked muscles, however, one must get your rear on the floor of your own space or into a gym and work. Period.

I am often asked what types of exercises do I do? My answer is ” As many as I can find” I am constantly looking for ways to challenge my abs because to me, what is most important and impressive, is how strong I can make them rather than their appearance. I do not take anything illegal that will help me” cut up “so the diet is the most important part for me for the visual impact. Trust me, I suck at dieting, however, I can feel the benefit of strong abs with regards to my everyday life. I have back issues that have subsided due to having a strong core. I will always have a 3mm bulging disc but I do not have to let it control me. A strong core is something that will help you with all your daily chores, bending, lifting, working, and especially if any of these are repetitive.

I can recall when I was pregnant at 237 lbs. (yes 237lbs), that I was very weak both physically and mentally. Once I delivered my son, I was still 200 pounds and knew that I had to figure out how to make myself strong again. I was a fitness model before I decided to become a mom, with a strong core, weighing 130 pounds (I will someday do a write up on my transformation and share photos then), and I was pretty much scared I may somehow die at that weight. Someone told me ” Start small ” I always want to jump right back into the routines that I had been doing before I decided to take a break or was made to take a break (usually injury). I know exactly what it feels to be obese and how much willpower it takes to even begin again. I salute anyone who tries and I condemn anyone who makes fun of those who are Obese. You are not cool in my eyes or anyone else’s eyes of value with a good heart. 

“Before anyone judges anyone, you had better make sure you are perfect” -unknown

Wow, I went off in a whole new direction with my blog on abs and obesity (Pushed my own anger buttons) but, my simple point today was to work one’s abs no matter how big or small one assumes they are. The weakest of us can start with just the “Kegels”. Ladies, we know what these are and gentlemen, well, you should do isolated squeezes wherever you are, even just in your car driving. Utilize your research skills to discover hundreds of ways to strengthen your core. Google, YouTube, Blog, Webpages, Instagram, Facebook etc.

I made a video for you all, to show you a few exercises that I like to do. (I do something different every day if I can) I am really working in my videos and I am certainly not trying to be cute. I bust my rear in the gym, and simply put: I have zero gym fashion sense. So don’t judge me. (smile, it is ok, you can laugh at me) So please check it out! If I just help one of you, well then, it was all worth it. BELIEVE me.


P.S. this is me now ( when I eat right that week and lay down on the floor. That is when the hard work shows the best with me, HA! ) Some day I will tell you about the life of a professional model and how I can manipulate the camera 😉 But I never edit to shape myself or make myself anything that I am not. I can just twist and turn and get the illusions I desire. Again, secrets to my trade coming soon… 

Thank you all for reading.

Written With Love,

Mama Friday  ❤


Mama Friday today
Model: Tara Caballero (aka TC aka Me) Photographer:  TC


So this morning I am dragging my feet. My dog gets me up to take her out. (I’m exhausted from intensive workouts for the last three days.) We are walking back to the steps, to go back home, and I am still thinking how hard these workouts have been, about everything that is hurting again, bla bla AND THEN…I hear footsteps, so we wait, because I figure it is the marine man who lives above me (my dog is inferior to the man and she will get upset) but, NOPE, it is a Marine alright, however, it is a WOMAN (just like me). The Marine woman says to me ” Good Morning Mam” (she was looking very sharp, was all smiles, and ready to take on our world) So, for that moment I had goosebumps, I woke right up, and thought to myself ” Damn Tara, and what the hell are you doing!?!? ” Yes, inferiority set in for a moment…. Moral to my own short story is ” If SHE can fight the world for me (us), the least I (we) can do is keep fighting for my (our) own damn family, and go get this (the American) dream! “ Thank You MY (our) U.S. MILITARY.

This morning I am feeling as grateful as one can be….


Written With Love,

Mama Friday ❤

20160519_064651(“Euclid Public Library”, n.d.).

According to “Euclid Public Library” (n.d.), “From Memorial Day to Labor Day the American flag will line our streets, lead parades and proudly wave outside our homes on Independence Day.

And each year people across the United States celebrate Flag Day on June 14th.  Although it is not a legal holiday it is a day set aside to honor the flag and observe the anniversary of its adoption as our national flag.

We have all heard that Betsy Ross sewed the first American Flag from a sketch that George Washington gave her.  No one knows if this actually true but it makes a good story!

We do know that June 14, 1777 the Continental Congress officially set the design of the American flag. It was decided that it should have 13 alternating red and white stripes, with 13 white stars on a blue field as there were 13 original states in the newly formed United States. As new states joined the union, a white star was to be added to the American flag on July 4th of the year after they joined.

Today the flag has 50 stars representing the 50 states and there are 13 stripes representing the 13 original states.

Did You Know?

Over the past years, the flag has changed 27 times. The last change was on July 4, 1960 to include the 50th state, Hawaii.

  • The Canton is the name for the dark blue rectangular area on the top left quarter of the American Flag
  • The world’s largest the American Flag measures 505 feet x 225 feet and weighs in at a whopping 3,000 pounds and takes 500 people to unfurl it.
  • The American Flag has several nicknames including “Old Glory”, “Stars and Stripes”, “The Star-Spangled Banner” and “The Red, White, and Blue.”
  • Neil Armstrong left an American flag on the moon during the first moon landing in 1969. ”                                                                                                                                   Reference: Euclid Public Library. (n.d.). Retrieved from

Mother’s Day (ideas)

Mother’s Day 

Don’t forget to…

M– Make your mom feel really special. As a mom, I understand that sometimes the smallest things, say everything. No money? No problem. I know if my son wrote a three-word note, followed by drawing a flower on the note that, would mean the world to me. Mom’s (well most) do not care about things. We care about our children’s thoughts of us.

O– Offer to do something special for your mom even if it is simply to take out the trash without your mom begging first. You have no idea how that makes a mother’s heart smile.

T– Talk to your mom today in person or by phone. No text or social media. Give her the gift of your voice. Trust me on this.

H– hold her heart in your hands today and by that I mean just make your mom smile. For once, you be responsible for her.

E– Eat a meal with your mom if you can. Make your mom a home cooked meal because I promise you,no matter how bad it turns out; it will be the best meal of her life. You can do no wrong as you long as you just try. I remember making my mother coffee and walking up the steps in hopes that I would not spill it. I always felt so proud to see her take that first sip.I remember making my mother coffee and walking up the steps in hopes that I would not spill it. I always felt so proud to see her take that first sip. These days, Starbucks may trump that idea (smile)

R– REMEMBER it is Mother’s Day today. That is probably the mot important.

S– Send her a surprise like flowers or chocolate. If you can’t afford to do that, then go pick some flowers, go to the 99 cent store ,and spend 99 cents for a chocolate bar. Run to her home and

D– ” ding dong ditch” aka ring her doorbell, leave the goodies on the door floor and run like heck before she answers. Hide behind a tree and watch your mom cry (because she will) or at the very least, she will smile ear to ear. I promise.

A– Appreciate your mom today. I’m sure you do daily, however, in our everyday lives we forget to show it. So show her.

Y– Y-not (Yes, I know I cheated there and made up a word to fit my idea lol ) Y-not try any of the above ideas because coming from a woman who lost her mom a long time ago, this is the day that hurts the most, when we no longer have them with us . Make sure you do the little things today, to make her smile now.

Mom’s, you already understand how your own children can make your hearts warm just by hearing them say ” I love you ” All we truly want as a mother, is our children’s love.Many blessings to all Mom’s out there and Dad’s too that, are doing the Mom’s job . We see you.

Happy Mother’s Day 

Written With Love,

Mama Friday

Blog Pic



First, I want to say “Thank You” for the amazing feedback with my efforts with my new blog. I appreciate you all. Now, let’s get back to business.

My last blog I tried to simplify the thought process for helping ourselves to get healthier and lose some weight in the process. I promised to return with some better food choices and here I am. I never write to assume that anyone is ignorant, however, I only write to help with the information that I already know, from my own experience. I would not suggest anything that I have not tried myself. I will leave that to skeptics. I like to deal with facts and experience because personally, I am not fond of looking stupid. If I make a mistake, then by all means, please feel free to correct me so that I may learn too. And I do not mean occasional errors on grammar. * Smile* I am human and not a robot. Ok, Let’s go…



Lemons: Hello, why did I not know this years ago? I recently decided to add lemons to my daily routine of doing something amazing for my skin and health. Why? One day after using lemons for a fad diet/cleanse, the one thing that stood out the most to me was how my skin GLOWED. Yes, literally glowed with a healthy look. I then read something, somewhere, where it was suggested that lemons be used to start one’s day. In my last bout to lose excess pounds to be onstage to compete, I was willing to try anything, and everything. I now squeeze a full lemon into my 16oz of morning water (because it is mandatory that I start my daily schedule with getting that first 16oz of water in and out of the way) and I do. I down it! I do not think about it; I just do it. I tell son, ” Son, you are not doing this for fun, you are doing it for health. Do not think about it, just do it ” He now guzzles his water in too. Who in the world is going to be able to sip in a gallon a day and that is how much I require of my healthy little family (That will be another blog topic to come)

Think about this, besides the researched facts based on lemons that will support my efforts here (I will leave that to you, always remember to do your own research), let’s just use some common sense. How many products do we see on the shelves that use lemons to do what? yes, CLEAN. Hello, duh! As a very practical woman, that is convincing enough information, and I for one love to clean out my insides (if you know what I mean) so, yes, I drink the lemon water daily to stay feeling lighter on my feet and to continue attaining that glow. I also have my son drink the lemon water (I add a little stevia to his water in order to mimic the likes of lemonade) when he is having difficulties with his skin. As a growing 14-year-old , teens are bound to have outbreaks, however, it certainly may be a worse break-out for that day if my son had been making greasy food choices lately. I promise you that I have stood by his side and had him drink two, back to back, glasses of lemon water along with his nightly cleaning regimen. In the morning, it is like a freegan miracle, my son’s face is always much calmer, and sometimes his face has cleared up completely. Now, I am sure results may vary but, I have seen it work like magic, and now my son asks “ME “to make him the lemon water if he knows he has made naughty food choices that day. (especially if he has big plans the next day and needs his face clear). So that is three great reasons to add lemons to your daily eating plan. Even if you hate my reasons, what would it hurt anyway? Again, research all of the other amazing healthy aspects of a lemon and then decide for yourself. 

I have way more to share, but I want my blogs to be short and sweet because let’s face it, I bore easily myself, and will not read a long blog so why would I expect anyone else to. I will be back soon, with many other food choices, to throw into your daily regimen. Little changes daily, weekly, or even monthly will all add up to a life-changing experience. It is my hopes that we can do this together for the long haul. Y’all have a great weekend and be safe. Thank you for reading.

Written With Love, 

Mama Friday


BASIC information to begin eating right… Ok, ready? ok, so, I have tried a ton of diets, eating plans, and cleanses. Bottom line, it can be simple to get your health back on track by eating right so all you have to do is START.

One can always fine tune with a detailed nutrition plan later. I am not a nutritionist so that can be found elsewhere but, I have been in the field of fitness since 97.  I have heard it all and seen it all. Eventually, you realize you are reading the same information, redesigned in a unique way, to grab your attention, and your money.

SO that said, let’s just get back to the real basics.

B– is for BREAD or Butter. no no no Bread or Butter. If you are serious and want to lose the extra pounds, then just let it go.

A– is for Apple Cider Vinegar which is something I ingest daily. I was told by a few sources that it would assist in helping me to lose weight thus, I did my research.

S– is for Sugar, NO WHITE SUGARS (cakes, candy, sodas etc.)

I– is for Interesting. If you make your meals ” Interesting” both through visual presentation and taste, then you will enjoy the process of losing the weight, by eating right, so much more.

C– is for Crunch. In my experience, I have to have something to bite and chomp down on. So I suggest Apples & Almonds. Buy the prepackaged almond packs (if you can if not then pre-package the almonds so that you have about 100 calories worth with your apple. I like a tablespoon of natural peanut butter too, with my apple. I suggest this small meal about 2-3 pm when our energy levels are typically low.)

So start with this Mama Fridays “BASIC” idea and I will come back to give you my idea of what the better food choices are. If we just try changing our eating habits one step at a time, then we will more than likely stick to this journey, and make real life changes.

You have to eat to lose weight. Small portions, of good choices, every three to four hours, is a great way to speed up, and stabilize one’s metabolism. It may seem like a lot at first, however, soon your body will adjust. You need to make healthy food choices. I recommend keeping the carbs in the earlier part of the day. You should be consuming about five small meals a day.

I hate the word ” snacks” for the in between meals because in my mind it triggers foods like ” Debbie Snack Cakes ” but no, it is not the kind of snacks we are after. So let’s change your thinking here too so that we can change your results!  (Always do your own research, my friends)

I’m here to help you! Now go…go get your” ” started and don’t forget to come back for more tidbits for your healthier new you.

Written With Love,

Mama Friday ❤

MealFood Idea: Broccoli, Chicken, Avacado, and a dash of Himalayan Salt. ( Photo Credit: TC)

First blog post

20160425_071521Hi y’all. Wow, my first blog post! I intend to share with you all,my daily tidbits on life as experienced in my own shoes pertaining to fitness , life as a bodybuilding competitor, college student ( over the age of 40),  and as a single mom. I have no idea what to expect here daily, however, I do intend for anything I write to be informative and help at least one person in this world 😆 I’ll keep it short and sweet today while I study on exactly how to keep this interesting. Education is key to everything and anyone successful in life! Happy Day!☕