First, I want to say “Thank You” for the amazing feedback with my efforts with my new blog. I appreciate you all. Now, let’s get back to business.

My last blog I tried to simplify the thought process for helping ourselves to get healthier and lose some weight in the process. I promised to return with some better food choices and here I am. I never write to assume that anyone is ignorant, however, I only write to help with the information that I already know, from my own experience. I would not suggest anything that I have not tried myself. I will leave that to skeptics. I like to deal with facts and experience because personally, I am not fond of looking stupid. If I make a mistake, then by all means, please feel free to correct me so that I may learn too. And I do not mean occasional errors on grammar. * Smile* I am human and not a robot. Ok, Let’s go…



Lemons: Hello, why did I not know this years ago? I recently decided to add lemons to my daily routine of doing something amazing for my skin and health. Why? One day after using lemons for a fad diet/cleanse, the one thing that stood out the most to me was how my skin GLOWED. Yes, literally glowed with a healthy look. I then read something, somewhere, where it was suggested that lemons be used to start one’s day. In my last bout to lose excess pounds to be onstage to compete, I was willing to try anything, and everything. I now squeeze a full lemon into my 16oz of morning water (because it is mandatory that I start my daily schedule with getting that first 16oz of water in and out of the way) and I do. I down it! I do not think about it; I just do it. I tell son, ” Son, you are not doing this for fun, you are doing it for health. Do not think about it, just do it ” He now guzzles his water in too. Who in the world is going to be able to sip in a gallon a day and that is how much I require of my healthy little family (That will be another blog topic to come)

Think about this, besides the researched facts based on lemons that will support my efforts here (I will leave that to you, always remember to do your own research), let’s just use some common sense. How many products do we see on the shelves that use lemons to do what? yes, CLEAN. Hello, duh! As a very practical woman, that is convincing enough information, and I for one love to clean out my insides (if you know what I mean) so, yes, I drink the lemon water daily to stay feeling lighter on my feet and to continue attaining that glow. I also have my son drink the lemon water (I add a little stevia to his water in order to mimic the likes of lemonade) when he is having difficulties with his skin. As a growing 14-year-old , teens are bound to have outbreaks, however, it certainly may be a worse break-out for that day if my son had been making greasy food choices lately. I promise you that I have stood by his side and had him drink two, back to back, glasses of lemon water along with his nightly cleaning regimen. In the morning, it is like a freegan miracle, my son’s face is always much calmer, and sometimes his face has cleared up completely. Now, I am sure results may vary but, I have seen it work like magic, and now my son asks “ME “to make him the lemon water if he knows he has made naughty food choices that day. (especially if he has big plans the next day and needs his face clear). So that is three great reasons to add lemons to your daily eating plan. Even if you hate my reasons, what would it hurt anyway? Again, research all of the other amazing healthy aspects of a lemon and then decide for yourself. 

I have way more to share, but I want my blogs to be short and sweet because let’s face it, I bore easily myself, and will not read a long blog so why would I expect anyone else to. I will be back soon, with many other food choices, to throw into your daily regimen. Little changes daily, weekly, or even monthly will all add up to a life-changing experience. It is my hopes that we can do this together for the long haul. Y’all have a great weekend and be safe. Thank you for reading.

Written With Love, 

Mama Friday


BASIC information to begin eating right… Ok, ready? ok, so, I have tried a ton of diets, eating plans, and cleanses. Bottom line, it can be simple to get your health back on track by eating right so all you have to do is START. One can always fine tune with a detailed nutrition plan later. I am not a nutritionist so that can be found elsewhere but, I have been in the field of fitness since 97.  I have heard it all and seen it all. Eventually, you realize you are reading the same information, redesigned in a unique way, to grab your attention, and your money.

SO that said, let’s just get back to the real basics. B– is for BREAD or Butter. no no no Bread or Butter. If you are serious and want to lose the extra pounds, then just let it go. A– is for Apple Cider Vinegar which is something I ingest daily. I was told by a few sources that it would assist in helping me to lose weight thus, I did my research. S– is for Sugar, NO WHITE SUGARS (cakes, candy, sodas etc.) I– is for Interesting. If you make your meals ” Interesting” both through visual presentation and taste, then you will enjoy the process of losing the weight, by eating right, so much more. C– is for Crunch. In my experience, I have to have something to bite and chomp down on. So I suggest Apples & Almonds. Buy the prepackaged almond packs (if you can if not then pre-package the almonds so that you have about 100 calories worth with your apple. I like a tablespoon of natural peanut butter too, with my apple. I suggest this small meal about 2-3 pm when our energy levels are typically low.)

So start with this Mama Fridays “BASIC” idea and I will come back to give you my idea of what the better food choices are. If we just try changing our eating habits one step at a time, then we will more than likely stick to this journey, and make real life changes. You have to eat to lose weight. Small portions, of good choices, every three to four hours, is a great way to speed up, and stabilize one’s metabolism. It may seem like a lot at first, however, soon your body will adjust. You need to make healthy food choices. I recommend keeping the carbs in the earlier part of the day. You should be consuming about five small meals a day. I hate the word ” snacks” for the in between meals because in my mind it triggers foods like ” Debbie Snack Cakes ” but no, it is not the kind of snacks we are after. So let’s change your thinking here too so that we can change your results!  (Always do your own research, my friends) I’m here to help you! Now go…go get your” ” started and don’t forget to come back for more tidbits for your healthier new you. Written With Love, Mama Friday MealFood Idea: Broccoli, Chicken, Avacado, and a dash of Himalayan Salt. ( Photo Credit: TC)

First blog post

20160425_071521Hi y’all. Wow, my first blog post! I intend to share with you all,my daily tidbits on life as experienced in my own shoes pertaining to fitness , life as a bodybuilding competitor, college student ( over the age of 40),  and as a single mom. I have no idea what to expect here daily, however, I do intend for anything I write to be informative and help at least one person in this world 😆 I’ll keep it short and sweet today while I study on exactly how to keep this interesting. Education is key to everything and anyone successful in life! Happy Day!☕